Agroforestry with ruminants in France


Description of system

Research stations and selected farmers across France have investigated the possibility of integrating trees in cattle, sheep and goat production.


Initial stakeholder meeting

An initial stakeholder meetings in Northern France on 1 July 2014, was followed by a second meeting at the INRA Lusignan Experimental Centre on 28 August 2014. Together the meetings were attended by 27 participants. Improved animal welfare and an improved farmer image were seen as key positive aspects of agroforestry with cattle, sheep and goats. The key negative aspects were perceived to be the complexity of the system and the work load. Potential areas for research included tree protection against livestock, the spatial arrangement of trees to optimise forage production and animal welfare, the nutritional benefit of tree forage, and the collation of technical and economic appraisals of such systems.

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Download the initial stakeholder report

Download the initial research and development protocol

An initial research and development protocol was produced in March 2015.

Download the system description

A system description report providing an update on agroforestry research with ruminants in France was produced in December 2015.