Aim & objectives

The overall aim of the project is to promote agroforestry practices in Europe that will advance rural development i.e. improved competitiveness, and social and environmental enhancement. The project involves two international institutions and over 23 universities, research and farming organisations from across Europe.

The project will achieve the above goal by addressing four objectives:

  1. To understand the context and extent of agroforestry systems in Europe;
  2. To identify, develop and field-test innovations to improve the benefits and viability of agroforestry systems in Europe;
  3. To evaluate innovative agroforestry designs and practices for locations where agroforestry is currently not-practised or is declining, and to quantify the opportunities for uptake at a field-, farm- and landscape-scale.
  4. To promote the wider adoption of appropriate agroforestry systems in Europe through policy development and dissemination (such as on this website)