Work package 1 heeft betrekking op het eerste projectdoel: begrijpen van de context en oppervlak van agroforestry systemen in Europa in de context van bestaande landgebruik classificaties. 

The work-package will result in four outputs.

  1. Milestone 1 is a report providing a preliminary stratification and quantification of agroforestry in Europe. It is based on a literature review. The report is now available.(rapport is beschikbaar).
  2. Deliverable 1.1 is a report describing successful agroforestry practices from Mediterranean areas bordering Europe that could be used to encourage agroforestry in Europe.(rapport is beschikbaar).
  3. Deliverable 1.2 is a report describing the current extent and trends of agroforestry use in the EU27. This report includes maps derived using the LUCAS survey system. The systems are described in terms of the four groupings used in the AGFORWARD project. The report is now available.
  4. Deliverable 1.3 is a report describing the environmental and socio-economic framework conditions for agroforestry in Europe. The report is now available.