Intercropping of walnut trees in Greece

Description of system

In Eurytania in central Greece, farmers have historically integrated agricultural production with high value species such as walnut and chestnut trees on the same plot.

Initial stakeholder meeting

A stakeholder group meetings focused on the intercropping of walnut trees took place at Eurytania on 29 May 2014. It was attended by 19 stakeholders. The positive attributes of agroforestry included the diversity of products, and improved landscape aesthetics, water quality, and climate moderation. The most highly ranked negative issues included cash flow, and a lack of business opportunities and a marketing premium. In the discussion that followed, a potential innovation was walnut trees intercropped with aromatic or medicinal plants or pulses.

If you would like to know about the initial meeting, please contact Dr. Anastasia Pantera ( of TEI Stereas Elladas, Greece

Subsequent work

During the follow up, it was decided not to continue with additional research on walnut agroforestry in Greece.  However research and development protocols have been developed with two stakeholder groups in different parts of Greece.

Download the initial stakeholder report