Objective 4 of the AGFORWARD project is to promote the wider adoption of appropriate agroforestry systems in Europe through policy development and dissemination.

The detailed objectives of work-package 8 are :

  1. To describe the current extent of agroforestry policy measures across the European Union.
  2. To determine the success of the above policy measures in promoting agroforestry across Europe and other temperate areas.
  3. To provide guidance on how future policy developments could help optimise the contribution of agroforestry to support sustainable rural development.

The outputs of this work-package include:

  • A series of maps describing agroforestry-related policies across the EU between 2007 and 2013. (Report now available)
  • A report on the extent and success of policy measures to promote agroforestry across Europe. (Report now available)
  • A report on how policy can help the appropriate development and uptake of agroforestry. (Report now available)