Trees with arable crops and grassland in Greece

Description of system

Agroforestry is a traditional land use system in Voio in Northern Greece where farmers have traditionally integrated arable production with tree species. In Voio, arable fields containing field beans, cereals and grassland are bordered by walnut trees and fast growing poplars.

Initial stakeholder meeting

The initial stakeholder meeting was held on 11 July 2014. The most highly ranked positive aspects of having trees integrated with the fields were seen to be enhanced animal health and welfare, and the opportunities for hunting. This illustrates that the system does not solely include trees and crops, but includes grassland for livestock and other on-farm activities such as hunting. Negative issues included labour requirements, management costs, losses by predation, and issues related to inheritance and tax. Potential research themes include the use of aromatic plants as intercrops, and how to implement land consolation without removing trees.
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Download the initial research and development protocol

A research and development protocol was produced in March 2015

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A research update on the integration of trees with arable crops in Greece was produced in February 2016.

Lessons learnt

Konstas Mantzanas and colleagues describe the results from two on-farm demonstrations in Northern Greece of growing rows of walnut or cherry trees within fields with beans and lavender.  The dry conditions in Greece make tree establishment difficult.  The demonstrations highlight the need for additional farm management to irrigate the trees and for tree protection (against wild and domestic animals) if the system is to be successful.